A warm welcome to The Cleaning Squad, here is our blog section. If you want to learn more about our services which we are offering you in Cleaning Services Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. It will help if you read our blogs. Here you will get to know about our offerings, prices, table schedules, methodology, staff expertise, and the company reputation as well. Cleaning Squad deals in all types of cleaning services you usually require in your house, apartment, or office. Deep cleaning, commercial carpet Cleaning Services Montreal, basement, and pressure washing services, whatever you want. You get from the same place. Best cleaning services you never experience before. We surpass your expectations and assure you of high-quality cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Montreal

Here in our blog section when you read posts, you will know that we are ready to provide you with the best cleaning services at 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You would be able to hire any time you want our services. Let us know when and where in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil you require our services we will get you as early as you get in touch with us. Cleaning Squad is committed to serving its customers according to their requirements and instructions.

Scroll down on our blog section, and you will know more about our unique features. We are serving here in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil for the last more than ten years. We have countless customers in these areas. Cleaning Squad guarantees you that no can beat us in price and quality of services. We have a thorough and comprehensive research of the market. We are offering you all types of cleaning services montreal at comparatively low rates. Here it is essential to mention that we never compromise on the quality of services. Customer satisfaction is our priority; that’s why we are serving our customers as they instruct us. We proceed with the said time and procedure of cleaning they want.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

For many years Cleaning Squad Cleaning company has been the professional carpet cleaning services company. In fact, for the people to trust and we perform and provide the best and excellent carpet cleaning service. Moreover, in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Our company has a name in carpet cleaning and is certified by the authorities. We remove most of the common household germs and bacteria from the carpets. The Cleaning squad team uses safe and healthy eco-friendly cleaning products. In fact, for the safety of the friends and family.

Not to mention,  in other words, Cleaning squad company has professional cleaners. Overall, to serve and provide you with the best carpet cleaning experience.  All things considered, they will leave your home cleaner and healthier for a better living.

Best Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service uses a special hot water extraction cleaning method. This is often referred to as steam carpet cleaning.  But we do not actually use steam to clean. This cleaning method allows the cleaning services staff to easily and safely remove dirt, spots, stains, and odours.

Moreover. without leaving behind any dirt and harmful bacteria and germs. So the next time you need a professional and best carpet cleaning, you can contact Cleaning Squad Carpet Cleaning services for a free quote and services on offer.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Squad cleaning professional team will inspect the rooms in the first place to be cleaned and talk about the cleaning process involved with you by taking into consideration your valuable feedback and ensuring you 100% satisfaction of the cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning Steps

We move as much furniture as we can out of the way to move in and out easily to clean in an efficient and effective way.
A cleaning Squad cleaning expert will perform carpet cleaning by stain and spot treating in the areas that need extra attention.
We use our verified and attested carpet cleaning machines for a deep clean. These machines pump hot water into the carpet to release any dirt deep within the fibres and extract the water to remove the dirt.
The powerful suction of the carpet cleaning machine removes a huge amount of water to dry the carpet within hours.
The last step involves the inspection of the carpet to make sure the client is happy and satisfied with the carpet cleaning services.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Regardless of the size or type of your business, Cleaning Squad Carpet Cleaning services can help prolong the life of the carpet and keep it looking new.

Cleaning squad commercial carpet cleaning service uses the same verified and attested cleaning process as our residential service. We use hot water to pump hot water into the carpet to release any dirt deep within the fibres, then extract water while removing the dirt.

Cleaning Squad Carpet Cleaning services provide an option to add-on any of these valuable cleaning services to your carpet cleaning stain and spot treatment, carpet deodorizer, and carpet protector.

Why Cleaning Squad Carpet Cleaning Process Effective?
It kills germs, bacteria and removes allergies
Extends the life of the carpet
Makes your carpet look and smell fresh
Friendly Service

Cleaning Squad technicians are always at your service to guide you through the process. In fact,  and advise on the best cleaning service with a friendly, reliable manner. Above all, you will find the carpet cleaning services rates to be cheaper, affordable and reliable and budget-friendly.

For our detailed range of cleaning service such as residential cleaning services, office cleaning services, residential cleaning services, apartment cleaning services kindly contact us by telephone or visit our website and more you can walk into one of our store in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Cleaning Services montreal

Conference Room Cleaning Services

Thinking of a conference room cleaning service as per the affordability and professionalism.  In fact, you have come to the right place its Cleaning Squad team of unique professionals.  Moreover, an office is always a busy place and it requires regular and daily cleaning.  Not to mention, a unique place in the office is a conference room for managers and professionals. Cleaning

Cleaning Squad offers the conference room cleaning services in Montreal. Laval and Longueuil. Our team of cleaning professionals is fully trained to ensure the office lobby and conference room look the best.

Office Cleaning

Cleaning squad cleaning service unanimously and simply takes out the trash and vacuum the floor. In fact, from the furniture in the conference room. After all, Cleaning Squad knows the importance of having the office clean and the overall health and safety of the employees and clients is very important overall.

Not only but also, the office cleanliness improves the health standards of the employees to bring out more productivity in them. At Cleaning Squad cleaning company, in fact,  our motto is to to provide the best conference cleaning service as per the customer need and requirement to satisfy our customers and present the best cleaning tools and solutions after all.

Our services include
Floor care
Trash removal
Restroom cleaning.
Washing windows
Keeping clean and complimentary publications in order.

If you are in need of office, lobby, conference room cleaning service. You can easily hire a Cleaning squad cleaning company to have the office space clean. With the introduction of our day and night cleaning services, we provide the best and excellent cleaning services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Cleaning Squad can assure you that it has the option to meet the busy schedules without compromising on the quality and satisfaction of the service.

Risk-Free Cleaning

Over the years, through our experience,  not only but also, we have learned what makes a successful partnership between a cleaning company and a facility administrator.  Not to mention, we are committed to providing professional and risk-free cleaning service to value our customer satisfaction.

Moreover, using Cleaning Squad Conference Room Cleaning services, you stay assured that any conference room cleaning service that you may need to your office or commercial space up to your satisfaction and customizable needs.

Feel free to contact us by visiting our website at https://cleaningsquad.ca  and browse through a variety of cleaning services on offers such as deep cleaning services,  commercial cleaning services, bathroom cleaning services,  and many more.

Weekend cleaning

Week End Cleaning Service

Finding an affordable, cheap and reliable weekend cleaning service. Moreover, house cleaning is a very tough and difficult job. In fact, the Cleaning Squad is a cleaning company with a professional cleaners cleaning unit in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.  Not to mention, we provide a unique experience of cleaning services keeping in the mind our customers and providing them with 100% customer satisfaction and the excellence in quality and service.

Our cleaning team of professionals has the experience and skill to tackle and solve any cleaning problem in no time. Cleaning squad cleaning company is providing its services on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service.

A vast range and variety of services are on offer from the Cleaning Squad Company such as deep cleaning services, residential cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, office cleaning services, etc. Our team will be very happy to serve you and provide the best services available in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Short-term cleaning 

In the first place, cleaning squad service on the weekend is an excellent solution for a short term cleaning demand. We take care of the customer individual cleaning need and discuss the importance and need for cleaning the important areas of the home. Our skilled and excellent professional cleaning staff always ensure to find the right service and the best eco-friendly cleaning products to deal with difficult situations. Cleaning Squad makes sure to use the certified and attested eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety and health of their valuable customer.

Benefits and Services

Cleaning squad is an affordable, reliable and the best cleaning company and offers excellent and unique cleaning services and benefits.

You can expect the following from Cleaning Squad Cleaning Professionals:

  • Professional, punctual, and fast service.
  • Effective work to detail
  • short-term appointment and flexible timing
  • Cleaning on weekends
  • No travel cost keeping in mind customer cost

Cleaning Squad team of professional also performs the carpet cleaning and window cleaning service. All things considered and keeping in mind that strong indoor air pollution can only be eliminated by the use of eco-friendly cleaning products that are easy and safer for health.


It takes a little effort from the Cleaning Squad professionals to clean the home in about no time. Cleaning squad cleaning service is extremely fast and we provide our services to the best cleaning standards in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.


Cleaning Squad Company has excellent experience in weekend housekeeping services. Our cleaning services are affordable, cheap and reliable. With the use of the latest method and technique of cleaning and usage of the latest technology and cleaning products, we clean each and every room of the home. Our experienced and well-skilled cleaning staff make it possible to make the home clean and give it a nice sparkle and shine,

Our Most Customers Requested Services

Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning Tips

Home cleaning requires proper attention and detail. The Cleaning squad team is giving you some home cleaning tips.  In fact, That will make it easier for you to get the cleaning done. Moreover, with simple tricks and making cleaning fun.

Fill your dishwasher

Plastic toys, soap dishes, plastic hairbrushes, can get clean in the dishwasher. Not to mention, with a zero percent effort from your side. Overall, take around in the house and take out the stuff and run it in the dishwasher. Usually, except the plates and your first step is easily done in around 5 minutes2.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

Put a pinch of baking soda onto the carpeting, upholstered furniture, and the mattress. Let it stay for some time and vacuum it for a fresh and clean space.

Working around with a lint roller

This portable, closet staple is a genuine master at lifting and cleaning dirt, crumbs, and dust from all the spots and stains. Run it over the lampshade, the bottom of your purse, and other hard-to-reach spaces to clean them up.

Picking the pet hair

Damp dish gloves is very well all you need to get the pet hair and fur off from your pillow, armchairs and other space.

Remove dust from baseboards.

By spraying an all-purpose home cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth and clean the baseboards fast by removing dust and debris in a flash.

Give the attention of the gadget

Your mobile and other electronic stuff harbor more germs than you even think. Run an alcohol wipe over the surface of your gadgets and electronics to make

Fresh the garbage disposal

Try and run a couple of lemon rinds in the garbage disposal follows up with cold water to remove the awful stinky smell and fresh up the garbage disposal and give it a fresh smell/

Clear the dust from ceiling fans

An old pillowcase can easily help you remove the dust and dirt from your ceiling fans and make the blades of the fan to sparkle again and removing the dust.

About Cleaning Squad

The above simple cleaning tips can hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to get a nice cleaning job done without running into a mess and trouble. If you need a proper professional cleaning company to clean your home don’t think much pick up your phone and call the Cleaning Squad team.

Cleaning squad provides the cleaning service in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Our team consists of professional cleaners and are always there to help and clean your home in no time with giving you 100% satisfaction and cleaning guarantee.